Фізико-Технічний Інститут

Кафедра фізико-технічних засобів захисту інформації






Students of the FTZZI department took part in the following Olympiads, International and All-Ukrainian tournaments of the highest grade:


  1. XIII open student competition in the theory of electronic circuits, dedicated to the memory of prof. Sigorsky VP (Kyiv, November 2020) –  3rd place  student of FTI  Logvin Eugene gr. FE-91.


  1. X Olympiad in the theory of electronic circuits “TEK’2017″, dedicated to the memory of prof. Sigorsky VP (Kyiv, November 2017) – 1st place FTI student Kompanev Mykita Mykhailovych c. FE-61.


  1. International Mathematical Competition of the Higher School of Economics  (Moscow, Russia, March 2014) –  2nd place  FTI student Voronkova Elizaveta Sergeevna gr.FE-01.
  2. International competition “European Engineering Competition EVES Ukraine 2014″  (March 2014). The captain of the team “New Team”  Voronkova  Elizaveta Sergeevna gr.FE-01 took  3rd place.
  3. International competition ” Sikorsky  Challenge  -2014  –  finalist  of the competition  Voronkova  Elizaveta Sergeevna gr.FE-01.
  4. International competition ID CEE 2014 (October, Kyiv) Voronkova  Elizaveta Sergeevna gr.FE-01 won  3rd place  in one of the nominations.
  5. All-Ukrainian competition of innovative products on information security of the banking system “Antikiber-2013/14″  Finalists of the competition (10 people) students gr. FE 4-6 courses. Winners  Voronkova  Elizaveta Sergeevna gr.FE-01 –  1st place  Trinka  Igor Igorovich gr.FE-01 - 2nd place  Pyshka  Dmitry Ivanovich gr.FE-31s –  3rd place.

year 2013

  1. All-Ukrainian Olympiad on “Information Security” II stage (April 15-17, 2013) - 1st  place  FTI student Kornienko Alexander Alexandrovich gr.FE-81.





Vasylenko Oleksiy Dmytrovych,  Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical and Technical Means of Information Protection, Laureate of the International Academy of Rating Technologies and Sociology “Golden Fortune” Medal “Labor Glory” II degree № 701.  Date of receipt 07/28/2017.

Limonnik Yuhym Moiseevych,  Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics and Technology, awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Pukha Serhiy Petrovych,  Head of the FTI Laboratory, awarded by the State Administration of Solomyanskyi District of Kyiv with a CERTIFICATE for many years of conscientious work, high achievements in professional activities and on the occasion of the Day of Science.




Materials of scientific developments received by GNDL “Reactor” OKB “Storm” in 2017 supplemented laboratory work on the courses “Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry” and “Organic Chemistry” of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and the Institute of Physics and Technology.

The Department of Physical and Technical Means of Information Protection on the Basis of Scientific Developments of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor EA Machusky, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Lutsenko VM, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Zinchenko S. A., Ph.D. Progonova DO Ph.D., Associate Professor Zhivkova OP introduced into the educational process of the discipline:

  • Thermodynamic foundations of quantum physics
  • Complex signals
  • Quantum steganography
  • Data mining
  • Modern cybersecurity technologies
  • International cybersecurity standards
  • Low quantum communications
  • Quantum computer science

The results of research on “Sensitivity of RPP in weak fluxes of 5 electromagnetic energy” , supervisor Associate Professor Zinchenko SA, became the basis for updating the course of lectures and used in teaching disciplines “Antennas and radio propagation” and “Means of receiving and processing information”.

Prepared, accepted for consideration and is at the stage of review in the International scientific and technical journal “News of higher educational institutions. Radioelectronics “article” Sensitivity of an ideal receiver taking into account quantum effects “International monthly scientific and technical journal.

Made 2 reports at conferences. Three students are involved in the work.

The results of research on R&D “Energy efficiency of radio communication lines” , supervisor Associate Professor Zinchenko SA, became the basis for updating the course of lectures and used in teaching disciplines “Means of information transmission” and “Means of receiving and processing information”.

Prepared, accepted for consideration and is at the stage of review in the International scientific and technical journal “News of higher educational institutions. Radioelectronics “article” Energy of low-quantum communications “.

Made 3 reports at the conference. Two students are involved in the work.


In 2017, 2 security documents were received  (authors, title, №, date of issue, owner):

  1. Patent of Ukraine for utility model №117208 dated 26.06.2017 according to the Application № u 2016 12159. Я.Ю. Vlasenko, OD Vasylenko Passive object detection system “;
  2. Patent of Ukraine for utility model № 116818 by Application № u 2016 12149 М.Ю. Vlasenko, OD Vasylenko “Radio beam detection system”.


Ugoda No. 647/1019 . Analysis of the Results of Experimental Studies of the Spectral-Energy and Angular Characteristics of Signals Emitted by Marine Objects . Deputy of NDI “Hydropriladiv”, m. Kiev . (Pooh S.P.)

Status of execution – Work continues. Relevant stages are closed

  • determined spectral, phase and angular characteristics of marine objects; the results of measuring the levels of marine objects are analyzed; developed recommendations for the use of the obtained vector-phase means of object detection:
  • the characteristics of the distinctive features of surface and underwater objects in the classification of radiation sources by pressure and vertical component of the vibrational velocity based on the results of experimental studies of the characteristics of signals and interference, and developed recommendations and physical classification algorithms.
  • filed before another in the article, as it appears in the review in the journal “Izvestia vuzov. Radioelectronics”, Vector-phase processing of seismoacoustic impulse signals caused by free fall of a load on the bottom of a reservoir, authors Yakoi є Pukha G.S., Machusky E.A., Kratko A.A., Pukha S.P.

Contract № 1042. “Supply of products: Terminal expansion unit, Terminal unit GSM - GPS , Terminal power supply and analog processing” . Contract price UAH 303,120. Customer - Ukrainian Nuclear Devices and Systems Corporation, Kyiv . (Pooh SP)

Execution status – The first stage is closed. Prepared 22222for production to perform the second stage.

Implementation results: Prototypes were made and submitted to the Customer for testing.

Four working sets of units for installation on two special vehicles of the state enterprise “Radon” were made and prepared.

Special vehicles are designed for safe transportation of highly radioactive substances and continuous monitoring of the transportation process.

The photo shows a prototype circuit board.


Contract № 1046. “Modernization of the control system of stepper motors of temporary control and electromechanical couplings of the clamps of the telescope AZT-2″. Negotiable price – UAH 17,100. Customer Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv (Pukha SP)

Status of execution: The work is fully completed

Implementation results: Manufactured electronic equipment installed on the AZT-2 telescope will automate the processes of astronomical research.

The photo shows electronic equipment for the modernization of the AZT-2 telescope systems.




Commission Agreement № USE -16.1-72- D / K -13. Cable mobile system for receiving seismic acoustic signals “. Negotiated price 13,000 US dollars. Customer – State Company for Export and Import of Military and Special Purpose Products and Services “Ukrspetsexport” (Kyiv) (Pukha SP)

Status of work: The work was fully completed in 2013, in 2014 the products were delivered to the Foreign Customer.

The photo shows the appearance of the system.




Life sciences, new technologies for the prevention and treatment of the most common diseases


In 2014 he defended one doctoral dissertation (Associate Professor Zemlyak OM); prepared 1 doctoral dissertation (associate professor Lutsenko VM); published 1 monograph (Professor Machusky EA).

In the reporting year, using the results of work performed: 16 articles were published, 22 reports were made at conferences, including 17 – on the international.


Topic № 2718-n / 1. Complex of synergetic physiotherapy with regulation of parameters according to the data of diagnostics and monitoring of the functional state of a person (complex project)

Deadline: beginning 01.01.2014, end 31.12.2015 (supervisor EA Machusky) (Yeremenko OI)
State registration number R&D 0114 U 000557
code KVNTD I.2 12.11.17
UDC 615.47: 616-072.7
Grounds for work: Order of the Ministry of Education and Science dated 22.11.2013 №1611, Order of NTUU “KPI” dated 20.02.2014 № 2-15.


№ 1033. Development for the manufacture of RF generator for electrosurgery and electrophysiotherapy. Contract №1033. dated December 27, 2013. Customer of Endomed LLC. (supervisor EA Machusky) ( Yeremenko OI)

Structural, functional, basic schemes, design documentation for high-frequency generator are developed.

An experimental sample of the generator was manufactured and tested: operating frequency – 880 kHz, output power – from 10 to 300 VA, regulation of output voltage from 30 to 3000 V, regulation of modulation parameters from 1 ms to 1 s.

The technical description, the passport on the RF generator and the project of a technique of its use in problems of medical researches are developed.

Based on the results of these works, the materials of the patent for the invention were prepared together with the medical center “Endomed” and physiotherapist O. Tsvir, reports were made at 3 conferences and symposiums.

In this direction in 2013 11 g / d works were performed with an annual funding of UAH 409.14 thousand.



1. Ninth International Exhibition “Innovation in Modern Education” and the Eighth International Exhibition of Education Abroad “World Edu”, 2017

2. Seminar “Modeling of physical interactions and calculation of fundamental constants of nature” (speaker Professor Machusky EA, Department of FTZZI KPI)

3. Seminar “Low Quantum Communications” (speaker Professor Machusky EA, Department of FTZZI KPI; co-speakers Machusky EA, Lutsenko VM, Zemlyak OM, Stepanenko VM)

4. Seminar “INFORMATION SECURITY International Training Workshop” – Kyiv. 2014 (participants Machusky EA, Lutsenko VM)

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