Institute of Physics and Technology

Department of Physics and Information Security Systems



The department was established in 1 April  2000 the head of the department PhD, is Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine Machuskyy  Yevheniy Andriyovych. There are   2 doctors of science- professors, 9 candidates of sciences – associate professors, 3 senior lecturers, 3 assistants  in the department .
The main objective of the department is training of specialists qualified by training field of “systems of technical protection of information” on demand of leading organizations in the development and use of physical and technical protection of information.
The department provides fundamental and professionally-oriented students IPT preparation in the areas of general physics, acoustics, electronics, radiotechnics and specific training of technical protection of information. Education provided by the Department, based on the principles of physical and technical education system.
Directions of scientific acfinity of the department:
Radio engineering devices and systems at microwave frequencies (head – prof. Machuskyy Y.A).
Electronic and electro-technical protection systems information (head – PhD. Lutsenko V.N).
Optimization of design of technical protection of information (head – PhD. Zemlyak O.M).
Partners of the Department – SDB “Storm” SRI “Hydrodevices” Enterprise “Ukrainian Special Systems” State Service special communication and information protection of Ukraine, 23 Research Institute (Shanghai, China), Dalyanskyy Technical Institute of Measurement and Control (China) , Autonomous University (. Puebla, Mexico), radiotechnical department “KPI”.

Graduates of the department work in state and private ownership in the area of complex and technical information security.