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Properties decameter wave band signals (Lectures)

Lecture 1.24 Basic characteristics and parameters of radio decameter

Lecture 1.25. Deterministic and random radio signals. The signals and mess

Lecture 1.26. Spectral analysis of periodic and non-periodic signals.

Lecture 1.27. Signals with limited frequency range. Recovery signals disc

Lecture 1.28. Analog and digital modulation and demodulation of signals.

Lecture 1.29. Correlation analysis of non-periodic signals.

Lecture 1.30. Structure of the optimal receiver deterministic signals.

Lecture 1.31. Criteria for optimal reception of radio signals.


Т. 1.2.  HF Antennas

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Т. 1.6.  Methods of  Technical Implementation

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Т. 1.3. HF Communication System Construction

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